Isolated Power

A Major Factor

We use a particularly safe battery technology to DIRECTLY power (no voltage regulators) our circuits.


This isolation from the mains avoids ground loops & current leakage noise - both of which are insidious distortions.

Isolated USB

The Final Link

Adding to the isolation provided by battery power,  isolation & reforming of the USB signal itself further enhances the musicality & realism of Ciúnas audio devices 

This ultra low noise & ultra stable power supply along with USB isolation & signal reformatting are the main factors in achieving optimal audio realism

Audio Realism

What this signifies is that the playback now replays accurately all the subtle audio cues that are on recordings & is far more captivating a listen than the usual digital audio reproduction. We can now hear the inner detail in sounds - the textures of sounds that we hear in real life but is so often masked or curtailed in digital audio replay. Digital audio can often be a case of all the notes in the right place but ultimately uninteresting - these Ciúnas devices make listening to audio interesting again. They reveal the life & realism,  interplay & emotion, texture & room acoustic that was always on the recording. Ciúnas devices bring the audio scene alive, just like a great lens brings lifelike realism to visual scenes

Ciúnas devices have always focused on reduction of low-level noise in pursuit of enhanced musicality. We discovered that DIRECT battery power (no voltage regulators between battery and circuit being powered) confers ultimate power supply stability - the foundation of every audio replay device - see The technolgy behind the Ciúnas


A source of further noise, we focused on isolation & reformatting of the USB signal as it was discovered this leads to a further increase in this musical realism - see Optimised USB Audio

Take it for a 30 day home trial & discover this for yourself - you won't return it as the testimonials and Press attest to.

Isolated USB Audio

Our new USB Isolation technology, available as a standalone ISO-HUB device or incorporated into a USB DAC or USB to SPDIF converter (ISO-DAC or ISO-SPDIF),  addresses the noise which is transmitted on the USB signal lines (common mode noise). Isolated battery power used in all the Ciúnas devices eliminates ground loops and leakage current noise caused by mains powered devices. Both of these approaches combined are the optimal technique for achieving pristine signal. 

The new isolation devices on the product range:

  • ISO-HUB - a new device which offers 1 USB 3.0 input and 4 isolated/reclocked high speed USB outputs. Use before any USB audio device for more sonic realism

  • ISO-SPDIF - A world first - an isolated USB SPDIF converter. Two devices in one case - Ciúnas USB SPDIF converter with the ISO-HUB. Providing a USB signal with optimal signal integrity to the USB/SPDIF converter and also externally through its USB output ports for use by any USB device 

  • ISO-DAC - A world first - isolated USB DAC. Two devices in one case - Ciúnas USB DAC with the ISO-HUB. Providing a USB signal with optimal signal integrity to the USB DAC and also externally through its USB output ports for use by any USB device 

  • ISO-PS - an external battery power supply supplying isolated, multiple voltage output options 5V/7V - other voltage options on request.

See Product Details on this page for further information


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