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ago =) i have an xubuntu pc and i want to get the mail from my friends pc on my ubuntu pc how do i do this? is it possible to know if the DVD drive is bad? eaglestar, you can get a cron job to send you mail to your inbox Hello, what is the ideal VGA resolution to use? i have a mail server @ how do i set it to cron job Viman: whatever you want, it doesn't matter google 'ubuntu cron jobs' there is no ideal VGA resolution I'm having a problem in which my download speeds are insanely fast... even when there's no congestion on my network - any ideas? vladmodels i have a mail server what should i type in the cron job it's the exact opposite of "my wifi adapter doesn't work" eaglestar, i don't know, you'll have to google on how to make a mail server in ubuntu eaglestar, but generally speaking, you can have cron run scripts ok thanks kamidi: I'm trying to install Lubuntu and at some point it says that the screen is not the right resolution. Do you think a 4:3 is better than a 16:9? eaglestar, you can always create a shell script that runs the mail program and sets the destination, etc eaglestar, and then make sure cron runs that script Viman: it doesn't matter thanks eaglestar, no problem kamidi: So what should I pick? Viman: pick what you want kamidi: Well the list of options




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