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Apr 18, 2018
I 've had my ISO-DAC for four months now and it not too much to say that it has been transformative for me. I was an audiophile for twenty years, but ten years ago I lost the ability to listen to both my music system and my computer because my ears developed pain after hearing certain sound artifacts, I'm not sure what. The ISO-DAC, combined with a pair of Audioengine A5+ active desktop speakers has brought music back into my house, starting with my computer desktop setup. I can listen to music and other audio (like YouTube) at home for the first time in ten years. Is my success due to the psychoacoustic benefits Mr. Kenny talks about? I don't know, but I wouldn't be surprised. Hearing sensitivity can be tricky and I believe that psychoacoustics matter. I have often sat down to listen to one song and found myself listening an hour later. The ISO-DAC seduces me into longer listening sessions. The sound is not fatiguing in the least – it reproduces music with delicacy and smoothness and the timbre of the notes seems accurate. The imaging is at least very good, it might be outstanding, but it's hard to tell because I'm listening to a desktop setup with a dual-screen monitor between the speakers. The ISO-DAC integrates neatly into my computer system, which was a relief, because it was not obvious how it would work before I installed it. The ISO-DAC is plugged into a USB hub (USB 3.0) on my desktop. The computer (Windows 8.1) allows me to set the Ciunas Audio driver ('Amanero') as the preferred audio device for all sounds when the ISO-DAC is on. When the ISO-DAC is off, the audio is automatically directed to the audio driver that came with the motherboard. Practically, this means that all I have to do to engage the ISO-DAC is to press the button on the front panel. My ISO-DAC is plugged in all the time (using a $6 power supply that Mr. Kenny pointed me to), but Mr. Kenny cautioned me not to leave ISO-DAC turned on all the time, only when I'm listening to it. That's unfortunate, but has been workable. Replacement batteries for the ISO-DAC are available. I understand that they have a LONG storage life and are inexpensive. Overall, I am delighted with my purchase.
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